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Link a package troubleshooting
Last Updated 2 years ago

If you are having problems installing a module, follow the checklist below.

  1. Check server details: In your server control panel, go to Server Management > System Settings > Information. Check that you have a valid serial number. If you have no serial number, this will need assistance from Greg or Michael... Just let us know that this is your issue, and we'll work on next steps.
  2. Check connection to NewLinQ: In your server control panel, go to Software Updates > Status Check. This serves two purposes. If anything is not quite right, it will often self heal any issues for you. Or, if something cannot be auto fixed, it will let you know.
  3. Check your password: There are some passwords that are valid in the shop, that are not valid in Blueonyx - due to some of the BlueOnyx architecture. New versions of blueonyx will let you know if your NewLinQ password is not valid due to these rules. But if you are on an older server, you are encouraged to change your password to eliminate punctuation for testing purposes. Change this in the shop and try again.

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