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PHP Version - How do I select a version for my website?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The answer below assumes you are running the 5209R version of BlueOnyx. If you are running an earlier version, some elements may be different to what is described below.

After purchasing PHP from the store, you can install multiple PHP versions simultaneously. Initially, you should go tto "Server Management" / "Security" / "PHP Settings". Under "PHP versions available for virtual sites:" you can define which PHP versions should be available to Vsites. Move the new PHP versions to the left to make them available. You can also set the default PHP version here.

Sometimes, you may need different PHP versions running on different sites. Please note that per site version settings are only available for sites that are running "suPHP" or "FPM/FastCGI". Sites that use DSO will use the default version specified above. To change the per site settings, go to a Vsite in question in the GUI: "Site Managemenet" / <Vsite>
/ "Services" / "Web". Make sure the Vsite uses either "suPHP" or "FPM/FastCGI". If it does,
then that GUI page will allow you to specify the PHP version.

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