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Open a ticket from your server
Last Updated 4 years ago

Open a ticket from your server

This page explains how to open a ticket from your server. In addition, you can optionally attach a diagnostic dump, and provide access to your server should it be required. These instructions do not work on older versions of BlueOnyx. If you are unable to follow this process, just open a ticket via this support site.

Create a diagnostic dump (Optional)

Go to SoftwareUpdates -> Support -> SOS-Report, tick the checkbox, and click SAVE

This will generate a diagnostic report to help us solve your problem. Be patient, it will take a while to gather all of the data.

Open a ticket

If this is your first support request, please update the settings page...
Go to SoftwareUpdates -> Support -> Settings. Fill in your name, and click SAVE

Now, go to SoftwareUpdates -> Support -> Support Request

Fill in some details describing your problem. Click the box to send the SOS report diagnostic information if you created this earlier.

Let us access your server (Optional)

To help provide a rapid response, you can also create a temporary login to your server to allow us to respond quickly. Note: This is only available if you have a current support agreement that relates to your fault. If you do enable this access, it will automatically de-activate the account after a few days. (You select how long the account is active for).

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